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Monday, May 5, 2014

Work Teams Dev Blog Summer Expansion News

The summer expansion is almost completely catered to the industrial-side of EVE Online. CCP is drastically changing how industrial jobs are processed, their mechanic and the UI. They are much needed changes and I welcome the prospect of a more engaging and robust industrial system.  Currently, it is quite anemic and underwhelming.  CCP is looking to change that and I applaud their proposal.  

In the recent Dev Blogs, they have outlined the entire system.  You can find those blogs here:

As you can see, CCP has put a huge focus on industry and instead of one blog, they have posted a handful.  Proof that they are taking this seriously and have put a bunch of thought into the summer expansion.  It's good to see and it gives me a warm and fuzzy. 

I would like to discuss work teams (specifically, the specialized teams).  It is an interesting pitch.  Here are some of the things that we Industrialists can look forward to.

All jobs will now require the use of a "workforce".  Players using them will pay a "salary" based on some aspect (perhaps blueprint cost or mineral usage).  The workforce is automatically assigned to a particular job, so there won't be a need to micro-manage that.  They have pointed out that there will be a specialized "team" that you can use as an option.  There are a few things here that can effect their availability. Specialized work teams will add bonuses to specific attributes.  The teams can specialize in research or maybe frigate construction.  They will be adding in work teams with different niches.  Work teams will be hired via an auction and will be available to anyone in the system they are drafted to for one month.  After that month expires, they will not be available unless they are rehired.   

Players will have the option to hire "specialized" work teams that can provide a bonus to some aspect of the job.  Bonuses will stack with any bonus from a facility you are utilizing.  The specialized workforce even applies to POS structures, so you won't be tied to NPC facilities.  Teams will be lumped into a few different categories (what aspect of the job they affect.  Examples are: structures, components, consumables, etc.)  According to the "Team Up" Dev Blog, "Each team has four members, and each member has a specialty. The specialty can be broad, but with less bonus (for example Ship – Small Class) or narrow and bigger bonus (like Ship – Frigate). Team members cannot have the same specialty."  Teams will also have 5 steps of efficiency levels which will determine the bonus amount.  The additional cost of specialized teams will depend on their efficiency.  

It appears that only one team will be available in a system.  It might also be wise to search systems for hired teams that you want to utilize their specialty for your industrial needs.  Teams will be up for auction and that auction lasts seven days.  If your solar system does not win the auction, you can try for another team or move to the winning system.  After one month, the team is available for hire/auction again.

As I have stated, it will be a drastic change, but one I welcome and look forward to trying out.  Maybe it will strike a chord with you.  Time will tell, and as always, fly safe-ish.

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