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Monday, May 19, 2014

Kronos Freighter/Jump Freighter Changes

I was perusing Feedly as I always do and saw that on the Mittani there was a post about upcoming Kronos freighter/jump freighter changes.  You can read that post here: Proposed Freighter & Jump Freighter Changes in Kronos.

The good news: freighter hulls are getting rig slots.  CCP announced during their 2014 Fanfest celebration that freighters would be able to install rigs.  Freighters have massive cargoholds.  They were not able to unload and load in space (with POS modules as the exception) until recently.  Loading and unloading in space opened up all sorts of new possibilities (long on station time for mining ops everyone?).  Adding the possibilities of rigs adds to that.  You can now tank them or give them better agility.  Nothing is more boring that slow-boating freighters from system to system.  Anything that can whittle down that time is much welcomed.  Jump freighters are high value targets for pirates, so being able to add some tank to it or a better align time could make a huge difference.  With their super-high price tab, any additional help is great.   

During this Kronos 'patch' the freighters and jump freighters are getting rebalanced.  This could make for some interesting logistics.  The patch will reduce the effective hit points, agility and cargohold size, so you will need to plan your rigs to make up for the nerf, but you will need to decide what is most important to you in those three categories.

It should make for some interesting logistical changes, but as always, fly safe-ish

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