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Friday, May 16, 2014

Forum Surfing: T2 Manufacturing Questions

I was surfing the forums and came upon this post

OP on EVE Forums 

So, naturally I gave some input, well mostly introspective questions for the OP to ask of himself.  The OP was wondering how people make ISK doing T2 production.  It can be highly profitable if done correctly.  I make a large amount of ISK just on T2 modules.  I also have a full set of T2 component blueprint originals (Thanks Keto!).  It might take a little longer to build your own components, but in the end the ISK / hour might be lower but the end profits are much higher.  In my response to the OP, I gave him a few questions that he needs to ask himself before he can make any ISK in T2 manufacturing.

T2 production is profitable. Actually, it is highly profitable, but you must take a few things into consideration. If you haven't yet downloaded EVE ISK per Hour by Zifrian, do so immediately. It will save you time, ISK and headaches.

You can download it here: EVE IPH Forum Page

I also wrote a few blogs about using it that you can check out here

What you need to consider is this
*are you going to buy or build T2 construction components?
*if you buy them, are you going to be patient and put up buy orders or are you going to buy at sell order price?
*if you build them are you going to place buy orders for raw materials or pay sell order price?
*are you planning on building hulls or modules?

If you think all of these steps through, do some market research and plan ahead, you can make a decent living.

I stick with modules, but I have a surplus of ship bpc's that I am going to start building. Ships sell slower, but if done right, you can make some good ISK for a little input/effort.

Hopefully this info helps the OP and you, the reader.  That's what I am here for.

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