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Monday, March 24, 2014

EVE ISK Per Hour: Part 2

The other day I posted a basic overview of IPH's "blueprint" and "update prices" tabs.  You can find [Part 1 Here].  The manufacturing list tab is one I haven't used very often, however It can be extrememly beneficial to utilize it.  Here are some of the things I have gleened from information I found.  This is the info that I use.  There are many other things that you do in this tab, but here are the basics.
  • you can select just the blueprints you own (or your corp owns).  They cannot be in a container.  You need them either in your hanger or in the corporation hanger.  
  • you use multiple methods of filtering the list and arranging it by certain criteria.
  • there are other options that you can check off that will show you different profit margins, etc.  Experiment and see what you get.

In reference to the list (see picture) I have sorted some of the blueprints I had in the corporate hanger (all the other bp's are in containers and thus don't show up).  I have sorted the list by the sales volume ratio (SVR). typically, the higher the ratio, the easier it is to sell the item (high volume of sales).  The SVR is the ratio of sales volume vs the max amount you can make in 1 day.  The higher the SVR the more likely you are to sell the items. They are basically "heavy movers" on the marketplace.  You will also want to work left and find the IPH and base profit.  On my list, let's look at the 200mm AC II (in blue).   There are 3 lines with 200AC II.  
  1. Raw Material - the profits determined by making all the items from scratch (including components from moon goo reactions)
  2. Build/Buy - I think think this is just a duplicate of Raw
  3. Components - if you buy the components/T1 items, you will use this line.
When building from all raw materials, the IPH will most likely be lower than if you bought them  This is due to the time it takes to make components.  You will notice that the profit on the component line is lower than on the raw material line.  You just have to weigh out whether ISK per hour or total profit is higher.  My advice, if you are just starting out and have the component BP's, stick with profit over IPH.  Unless you spend ALL of your time in EVE manufacturing, IPH isn't the best route.  This also allows you to do other things like missions and mining.  

This is one of the greatest 3rd party programs out there.  It is in the same class as EVEMon and EVE Fitting Tool.  Everyone should have it.  Thank Zifrian for this program and continued support!

Here is the EVE Forum IPH post (which I should have linked in Part I).  

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