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Monday, March 17, 2014

New Corp. New Industrial Program

I joined an new corp the other day.  I am going to continue my industrial program there.  This time, I put 250mil in the pot and will work off of that.  Should be pretty easy to go from there.  In my blog post, "Seed Money and the Indy Start Up", I started with 25mil and worked my way up to over 200mil cleared.  I had to start with T1 items that had a small profit margin.  After about a week of manufacturing and selling T1 items, I was able to buy datacores and do some invention.  I made a bunch of T2 modules and just kept reinvesting the ISK.  Of course, I could just start with more ISK and then take on larger projects, but it was just as much a test for myself as it was a demonstration to new players and those with eyes set on being industrialists.  The experiment went well and I learned a few things.  I wasn't able to impart my knowledge on too many people, but my plan is to become even more versed in the ways of the industrialist.  I see bright things ahead.  Stay tuned for more and as always, fly safe-ish.

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