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Monday, March 3, 2014

Production Latency

I've been slacking on my production.  I want to sell off some items that I thought would sell quickly, but instead of lagging.  I have the ISK to start a few other production runs and some more invention.  I kind of want to see how long this item takes to sell.  Other similar items sold within a few hours.  I didn't think there would be an issue with these.  I could sell them to a buy order (and to be honest, it is real close), but I would probably lose about a couple million.  It would still be at a profit though.  I guess if they don't sell tonight, I will offload them.  It's kind of a double-edged sword to me.  I never want to sell to a buy order, but sometimes it just makes sense.  If you need to free up some capital, it might be the only option you have. 

I started with 25mil in seed money.  I have built that up (in a few weeks) to over 250mil of assets if everything is liquidated.  I have datacores, decryptors and T2 componants & RAM's that I can drop off.  It will bring me over 250mil.  I am just reinvesting the profits so that I can have the capital to take on larger jobs or more of them while I wait for the market sales to be completed.  It's just a little industry juggling act.  Sometimes the challenge makes things interesting.  

I have the patients to wait things out, so I'm fine with being methodical.  

Anyway, that's my story.
As always, fly safe-ish.