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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Market Maven to Market Mogul Part 3

Part 3 of my Eve economy mini series revolves around market interface itself.  It can be a little intimidating, but it's not really a daunting task.  Once you set up your market tab the way you want it, you are all set.  It is really easy and this should be the first thing you do while you train your skills up. 

  • (A) - Jumps from current system (or "system" or "station")
  • (B) - Quantity available at the station
  • (C) - Price (for 'sellers' click sorter so that the LOWEST price is at the top and gets more expensive as it goes down.  for 'buyers' click the sorter so the HIGHEST price is at the top and gets less expensive as you go down the list (will explain later))
  • (D) - The range from the listed station that the buy order will allow fulfillment (basically, the buy order will be valid at any station in that range.)
  • (E) - The MINIMUM you have to sell to fulfill this order.  If you try to sell less than listed, the order will go to the next available order listed) 

Okay, here is the nitty-gritty.  If you are selling, you want to sell below the LOWEST sell order (people who buy on the market set their market tab this way) that way, you order will be at the top and people will buy that first.  It can be lower by .01 isk to be at the top.
On the buyer box, you want the highest price on the top.  This is so that if you plan to put up buy orders, your order will be listed at the top and people will fulfill that order first.  You may have to modify your orders, sometimes a lot, so that you can make sure your order is the one that gets touched.  This is critical for the trader.  He or she must be dedicated to baby-sitting this aspect.

Here is what you want to watch out for.  If someone has a range of "station" on their buy order, the will only buy items at that station.  If you are in the same system, those people won't even buy the items.  If they are set to "system" you can sell in any station in that system and they will purchase the item.  If set to "region" you can sell an item in any station in that entire region and that person will buy it.  If they want to bring it back to the market, they will have haul it or pay someone to haul it for them.  Also, having explained it, the # of jumps is self-explanatory.  This little fact can be troublesome if you are the one putting up the buy orders.  If you accidentally set your buy order for the region or a large amount of jumps, people will sell to it, including LOW and NULL sec.  You could paint yourself into a corner and then have to dump items at a loss because you can't get there.  You could try transport contracts, but not many will venture into unsecured space for a few ISK. You will also want to go into your market settings (one of the tabs on top pf the market screen) and set the max number of jumps, any filters you want to apply and un-check low and null sec boxes so orders wont appear when you search.  That wont effect the buy order range though, so you can still buy in low and null sec with ranged buy orders.  Be careful.

That should be the basics for using the Eve Marketplace.  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and as always, fly safe-ish.

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