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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Hello fellow pod-pilots,

My name is Warcalibre and I have been flying with Vexed Nova for the last couple years. I've worked with him closely on many efforts, and if you were a follower of the Industrialist newsletter, you may remember that I contributed several articles and some fan-fiction. Vex has graciously asked me to contribute to this blog which is a continuation of the newsletter. I am overjoyed to accept the invitation and I hope that you will also be excited for what I have to offer, which is a reboot of my fan-fiction story "Shadows of the Serpent Kingdom".

If you'll recall, the story only had one part which was published in the last issue of the newsletter. I had much more planned out, but without Vex to drive the newsletter deadline and be a partner in crime, so to speak, I mostly lost interest.

Now that the Industrialist is back, so is SotSK. You can expect regular updates to the story. (I'm planning on bi-weekly instalments of around 1500 words.) And if you did not read the first part, that's OK: I'm going to be re-posting it here with additions. Consider the original first part to be the abridged version.

If you are wondering about the genesis of this story, let me tell you now. I used to do exploration a lot, and if you have done it much, you know that there are many named NPCs which inhabit complexes. I always wondered: who are these people and what are their stories? SotSK is a story that seeks to fill in the background of some of these NPCs, in particular Tago Uriken. It's a tale of mystery and intrigue that throws a layer of grime on EVE's shiny models.

I hope you all enjoy it!