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Monday, March 17, 2014

EVE ISK per Hour: Part 1

One of my, corpmates (Zel), mentioned that I should do a blog on EVE ISK/Hour (IPH), a third-party tool designed for the industrialist.  I had been toying around with the idea, so Zel's suggestion was well-received.  I will end up breaking this up into multiple posts.  IPH is a very powerful and handy tool for anyone who plays Eve, but it is invaluable for the industrialist and more-so, the manufacturing industrialist.  With IPH you can see how much it is going to cost to make items and how much they are selling for in your selected area.  

When you first open up IPH, you will see a bunch of tabs and some menu options.  If this is your first time in IPH, you will be prompted to add API information.  Do so and follow all the instructions.  Once you have inputted your API key and moved through the menus, you can now begin to utilize IPH.  The first tab brings you to "blueprints".  This is where you can input the blue print you want to review.  If you own your blueprints and they are in your hanger, you can filter the list with the radio buttons.  I generally choose all and search the list for what I want.  It will filter and auto-complete your entry so it's pretty quick to bring up the item you are looking for,  There are some more boxes that you can use to filter even further.  They are kind of superfluous for me, but they are handy if you choose to use them.  What you first want to do is go to the "update prices" tab.  Once there, go to the bottom right hand corner and select one of the trade hubs (nearest you).  I generally do "split prices" and do raw materials at "max buy" and items at "min sell".  The reason for this is so that you can get the most accurate cost and sell.  If you will NEVER put up buy orders for raw materials and instead just buy at the lowest sell price, then this option IS NOT for you.  You will incur a much higher production cost than you think.  Always try to buy items from buy orders and sell items to sell orders.  Once you finish selecting your options, hit the "save settings" button and then the "import pricing" button.  If you are doing major production runs, always update pricing before doing anything.  If you run something in the AM and then want to do more production in the PM, import pricing again.  Things change quickly in EVE on the marketplace.

I have selected a Rifter.  Move over to the boxed area around the blueprint graphic.  This is where you can define your inquiry a little more.  You can input the number of BP's you are using, the number of production lines and the ME & PE of the BP.  The "calculate build/buy" box is for multi-part production (like T2 items) where you can have IPH give you the buy for the components or how much it costs to build them.  If you have the component blueprints you will choose this 98% of the time.  It takes you longer, but it is more profitable.  This area will also tell you how long it will take to make an item.  You can also choose to display PPU (price per unit) or the total from the "runs" field.  Once last field is the "add' costs" field.  If you are buying the BP or have some other cost associated with your production, put it here.  I buy Raven Navy Issue BPC's (let's say for 350mil) and put that amount in the box, it will carry over to the profit box.  If there is no profit, you are spending too much on the BPC or the minerals.  It's very important to manufacture at a profit. 

In the next boxed area to the right, this is all the ISK stats.  This is where you want to pay special attention to.  Starting at the top,  If you didn't select PPU then this box will show the profit and sell for all items combined.  Starting at the top, you can see the market value of the item in whatever market you chose.  You can choose to select fees, production line costs and taxes (which I suggest).  Below that there are 6 boxes.  
  • Total Component Cost (what it costs in T2 components, RAM's and datacores & T1 components.  You can ignore those items if you want, but it will effect your ISK per hour.  
  • Component Profit (profit less the cost of the components)
  • Total Raw Mat'; Cost (same as TCC but instead of completed T1 and components, it will give you cost if you build them yourself)
  • Raw Profit (profit less the cost of raw materials)
  • BP ISK per hour (per hour profit if buying the components and required materials)
  • Raw ISK per hour (per hour profit if building everything)  This is often less profit per hour, but larger profit per run.  Go with this.  

You can also add the BP materials to to a shopping list so you know what exactly to buy.  The time and material efficiency is pulled from your character API, so it is accurate.  There is another box for invention.  That will be discussed later.  It's a blog post by itself.  

These are the basics of IPH.  I hope it clears some things up and as always, fly safe-ish.

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