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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Seed Money and The Indy Start-up

If you have been following my blogs, you will know that I was the CEO of multiple corporations.   I suffered EVE burnout, the expansions sucked and so I took a break.  Well, I am back and doing pretty much manufacturing and some PVP.  I followed two of my former directors to a new indy corp.  I like the CEO and I think I can help the corp financially.  I was asked to take a look at the industrial side of the corp (right now, there are missioners, W-Space explorers and miners).  I have a good knowledge base (having run indy corps and manufactured T2 and capitals since 2009) to bring to the table.  I started with 25mil in "seed money".  I am turning that into our working capital for the indy division by manufacturing, researching and inventing.  I am trying to get other corp members interested and involved in manufacturing, but it isn't the most glorious of the many Eve professions.  If done correctly, with close attention to market trends and operating costs, it can be extremely lucrative.  The line is thin, so you have to be extremely careful and cognizant of the supply, demand and production pitfalls.  You can expect some items to sell quickly and others to sit on the market for a while.  You have to be very careful of the latter due to the amount of capital that is held up in unsold items.  If you are just dumping items on the market, you can afford to run lean.  

If you want to set up trade agreements with other corps or alliances, you will need to have a large surplus of minerals, salvage, components as well has some basic items.  If you are trying to get a PVP corp as a client, you will need to have a stock of Damage Control 2s, assorted turrets & launchers, & tank modules.  That can be costly, but it could mean the difference in your potential client to look elsewhere for supplies.  On the flip side, some corps might oversell or overestimate their actual requirements.  I haven't really been able to follow through to get a solid and loyal client (which in Eve, loyalty is very subjective).  I believe it is possible for a corp to cost you money by making you overproduce and then not buy the items as contracted.  When I say contract, I mean an agreement of both parties for one to build and the other to buy said built items, no the Eve contract system. 

I started with the seed money on 2/15/14.  Below is an example of how I am tracking my progress.  Eve is a spreadsheet game and production/manufacturing is no different. Bare in mind, I am only 4 days in and I only started with 25mil.  

If you want to really dive into manufacturing, you need to get EVE Isk per Hour. It's a companion app for PC that helps you find the profits and gives you an idea of what will make you ISK quickly.  

I will keep posting as I progress.  I hope you continue to follow my activities.
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