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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm Here for You

I started this blog because I enjoy Eve Online.  I also feel that Eve has the best community of players out of any Game - by far!.  Not just MMOs.  As much as we love to hate CCP, that is one of the most polarizing things for the community.  We come together to assault CCP with flame posts and strong opinions.  CCP is gracious enough to admit defeat and/or change things in game to make Eve a little better (mostly) and sometimes they fight back tooth and nail. I'm cool with that.  Those who don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. - Alexander Hamilton

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs.  I would ask that you check back often and tell your friends, corp mates and leadership in order to spread the word.  My goal is to be on a CCP community highlight post or a member of the Blog Pack.  

PLEASE feel free to leave comments, suggestions, constructive critism and corrections at the end of every post.  Follow me on Twitter (@scifigamer), YouTube ( and Google +.

I appreciate all your time.

Chris Nicholson (Vexed Nova)