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Friday, February 28, 2014

Another Day. Another Dec.

Well, it's that time again.  Our alliance has been war-deced.  It is a relatively common event.  While they are a complete nightmare for those who get war-dece, on the flip side, they can be fun and the help drive the economy.  Yes, WH, null and low sec do help fuel the market, it is the high sec war-dec that can drive shock waves through the market.  Look at it this way, with the release of PLEX as a way for players to afford shiny things, it is highly likely that they will be caught out in the open and separated from their ship by a big explosion.  Destroying ships is good for the economy, so it is good for the industrial corp.

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Corp leadership has a difficult time dealing with war-decs unless they constantly practice and drill.  Look, it is human nature for players to be resentful or downright hostile about being told not to fly their ships, mine and run missions.  They do have a point: They pay 14.95 (or more) to play the game.  Who are we to tell them what they can and can't do?  at that point, if they do not wish to leave the corp themselves, directors and CEO's sometimes have no choice but to kick players.  General members (especially new players) might not understand that the steps taken by the leadership during a war-dec could mean the difference between a war-dec getting extended or dropped.  If the aggressors are getting easy (and shiny) kills, they are more apt to extend their war-dec thus disrupting operations another week.  

The Leadership cannot afford to be in a war-dec.  They cannot recruit, hold corp activities or make money.  Members get disgruntled that they can only sit in station (unless the corp or alliance has active pvp players) so they will leave.  

I am writing this, drawing from my own experiences as a CEO.  I am mainly taking the stance of an industrial corp CEO with limited people willing to engage in pvp activities.  Some corps or alliances have a dedicated security force or part-time pvp's who have been through a few battles.  

It doesn't matter what side of the coin you are on, there is fun to be had during war-decs.  You just have sack-up and get out there with your fleet.  You might think people who war-dec are assholes.  Some are, but the vast majority are not.  They are just looking to do something that isn't industrial related.  It is how they play the game.  PVP is a huge part of EVE and to me, it can be the most fun and the most frustrating of all of EVE's facets.  

It isn't my first war-dec and it sure as hell wont be my last.

As always, Fly Safe-ish

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