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Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Industrial Skins for the Orca, Rorqual & Mackinaw

When I think of industrial equipment, the picture in my mind is of colors of black, gray and yellow (possibly bright orange).  I have grown up around heavy equipment all my life.  Perhaps it is just my natural instinct to correlate those colors with heavy construction equipment.  The Rorqual and the Orca have been shades of blue since I can remember.  I always like the skin of the Orca.  I never knew any other.  I did happen to catch the new skins on .  My heart started beating rapidly.  They are pretty awesome in my book.  Brings me back to my childhood of excavators, bulldozers and Lego Techniks.  Damn, I loved those things.

Here is the old and the new.  You can decide for yourself. 
(click to view)

Rorqual & Orca (Capital Industrial & Industrial Command Ships)

Mackinaw (Exhumer)

New Rorqual Skin

 New Orca Skin
New Mackinaw Skin

I know the pictures are dark but these skins are available on the Singularity test server should you want to check them out.  It's off to work I go.  As always, fly safe-ish