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Thursday, February 13, 2014

About my Involvement in Eve Online

Greetings fellow capsuleers,
My name is Trunhe and I am new to the corporation.  Trunhe was my main character since I started playing many years ago.  While Trunhe is a somewhat rounded character, this alt is more geared towards combat.  This alt can fly everything other than Amarr from Frigates to Mauraders, including Logistics, Freighters, Command Ships, Covert Ops, etc.  What was once an industrial alt turned into my main toon, Vexed Nova when I decided to leave null sec and start my own corporation (In Tergo Nostra).  That is where I met Kasigi Yono and Warcalibre.  Due to the wardec mechanics, ITN became embattled in a perma dec and we decided to form a new corporation (FDA Shipwrights).  Once again, due to the wardec mechanics, again we had to form a new corporation (Maneo Invictus Squadron).  

Not long after MIS was formed, I decided to step down, close the corps and go inactive for a few months.  Kasigi and Warcalibre then met up with Mav and now that I am back, Kasigi convinced me to join up.  I look forward to flying and working with all of you.  I appreciate Mav allowing me the opportunity to join you. 

I just wanted to give you all a little info about me. 
As I said, I started playing Eve years ago (time has flown by).  I had one toon and did a mix of mining, missioning and PVP.  I then created Vexed Nova and started my career as a CEO.  We had good success with decent member counts, good participation and a lot of fun.  Wardecs brought things to a screeching halt (they always do).  We did regular ops (mining, missioning, etc) as well as a small (but unsuccessful) stint in a C3 wormhole.  We worked with a few alliances throughout my time as CEO and made a lot of good, lasting contacts.  

I have personally been very active with research, invention, t1, t2 and capital production.  I can build all capitals as well as T2 battleships, all modules and rigs.  I have a gigantic book of researched BPO's (including capital components) as well as a large knowledge base and tons of experience).
I have written about my industrial escapades in a publication I created called "The Industrialist".  I also have a blog that I just started and I have a YouTube channel where I play and review games.  

Mav and I have discussed my role as an industry manager.  I will be putting together some ideas and a plan for a corp production and trade division that I would like to get people involved in.  The goal there is to teach by example, how the industry and economy work in Eve.  Anyone who is interested is encouraged to join.  I would like to give the corp (and members) a diversified income (in addition to taxes from PVE activities, mining and WH activities).  The more money the corp has, the easier it is for Mav and the directors to plan large scale corp events, replacement programs and tournaments. I would like to have some outlines to Mav in the next month or so and if approved, we can start to get the indy guys involved.  

If you made it to the end of this email, much appreciated.  Again, I look forward to working with you all.  I told Mav this last night, but I wanted to put it out to all of you.  If you have any questions about the industrial (and market trading) side of Eve, I welcome and encourage you to send me an Eve mail, PM me in the Eve client or send smoke signals.  I live in on the US East Coast and I primarily work in Eve around 8pm EST to 11pm EST during the week and then spots on the weekends.   I have access to Eve Gate during the work week as well.

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