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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Corporation & Alliance Wide Activity Ideas

I put this list together over a year ago.  If you are a CEO or Director, I give unto you some ideas for activities that the corp or alliance can run to get member participation, bring people together and work as a team.


The list goes as follows:
Corporation / Alliance Events

Rookie Ship Brawl (RSB-B(basic)
All ships are fit with max civilian weapons (as in drop the miner) no modules other than what is included in the ship. Even teams, fight to the death

Rookie Ship Brawl (RSB-A(advanced)
All ships can be fitted with any module that will fit (including T2 guns, tank, etc)
Teams broken up so that there are the same amount of high skill players on each team, but if odd number, 1 extra low skill player will be added to offset either skills and/or weapons

Rookie Ship Brawl (RSB-FFA(free for all)
Last man standing, no teams by strategy is allowed.

T1 Frigate Brawls (same as RSB-A & RSB-FFA)

T1 Cruiser Brawls (same rules as RSB-A & RSB-FFA) (may make this to hull instead of death)

All T1 ship brawls (all variants)
  • all EWAR allowed except Jamming. Tracking, Targeting, etc are allowed.
  • all modules are allowed unless otherwise noted

All T1 ship brawls (team-based)
  • same as above, but spider-tanking, cap-chaining and remote sensor boosting are allowed

Scavenger Hunt (D-scan)
Leadership puts out secure cans in a system or systems (could be each team has it's own cans to find)
first one back with all the items gets a prize. Also could put out 1 bonus can (first team to get it gets a bonus (can would be named so if you can find it on dscan, you see it is the bonus) random system or location. 1 hint given (system has “x” planets or “x” stations so they can narrow it down, but not get the exact system/location.

Capture the Can (team – no spawn)
each team has a can with an item in it. The first team to get their opposition's item wins the prize. If all enemy destroyed, you get prize bonus. Match lasts 10 minutes. No winner makes next matches POT larger say if match 1 pot is 10mil and no winner, next match pot would be 30mil, pot 1 + 100% + pot 2.
Or something along those lines

Capture the can (team w/ spawn)
Can respawn (match lasts 20 minutes)

Mining Operation (max haul)
Corporation who mines largest m3 of ore in 1 mining op gets 10% bonus on top of ore value

That is all I have right now.