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Monday, February 17, 2014

Recruiting Heros and Slackers

This was originaly in our corp forum, but I pulled it out and made it bloggy.

In a post directed toward my corp.  In the post, I asked for members of the corp to aid in recruitment.  

It is a plain and simple fact: Recruiting is a number's game. Out of 10 people you recruit, maybe one or two actually stay and remain active. I would hope that everyone would help recruit or at least direct them to me or a director. I am asking for all of you to help me. Activity is low and it makes it hard to do the fun things like null sec roams, large-scale mining ops, etc. Let's all put an effort out there to get some more people in the corp

It is pretty simple for members to help grow the corp.  You just have to have a personality.  Well, not really, but you do have to be personable and not shy from talking to random people.  As a member, you really aren't looking for specific people (at least you don't have to), but the more people you bring to the attention of the CEO and/or directors, the more likely a corps numbers will grow.  The CEO and directors have the responsibility to vet potential recruits.  

One of our members posed this question (which I feel is a great question): 
Where do you look for people to recruit? There used to be that corp channel that everyone spammed, but nowadays there is the corp search UI, which is useful but very impersonal. I'm not even sure where to find and how to reach out to new players. 

The answer is easy. Here was my response:

There still is a general recruitment channel in EVE, you can look it up. I haven't found too much success in that. I have found that posting a link in local to the forum post has limited success. I also go around to all the starter systems and email anyone that is in an NPC corp with my recruitment add. I also have recruited people solo mining. There is not right way to do it. There are wrong ways however. Spamming and being annoying is a bad thing. You can also post a small add in each local system when you are traveling. 

The tl:dr version is:  Recruitment is a corp activity, priority and necessity.  CEO's and directors should emphasize this and reward members for heeding the call.  

As one in a leadership role, you have to be very careful who you let into your corp and what roles you give (I wouldn't give roles to anyone unless I vetted them under intense scrutiny.  What you do with your corp is your prerogative.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Just a view of mine.  As always, Fly Safe-ish