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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Save me from my Corp [Duties]

Originally published on 6/17/2013 on our alliance forums

Ok. I have yet another beef with my friends over at CCP. Everything..

More specifically, corp management.

The general corp members don't really have a full grasp of how much of a pain in the ass running a corp is. They just want to jump in, use the labs and jump out. They don't fully grasp the headaches that POSs are to the leadership. While the actually running of the corp (operations, financing, recruitment, etc) takes a huge chunk of time (that could be spent having fun), it does have its rewards. When I think of them, I will let you know.

Moving right along. CCP decided to table the POS revamps (which were pretty much underwhelming anyway) in lieu of focusing on dumbing down scanning, making pretty trailers and fighting off the masses who want to flame Mintchip (well, the last one was post-launch of What that means is that the POS mechanics are still complete shit. The corporate hangers and management tabs are still complete shit, and running a corp is as much fun as straining out a shit. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy running a corp, but lately, they corp has been running me...ragged. When things are good, they take time but it is pretty good to see happy people happily being happy. When there is a war dec, forget about it. Its a shit show. People whine, leave, rage quit or ship spin. Its a nightmare. The corp loses all momentum, recruitment stops, taxes dry up and everyone looks to the CEO and directors for some kind of sign of life. Trust me, you think you have it bad as a member who can't make ISK. Try having a POS, munching hundreds of millions of ISK a month, having to online and offline modules and convulsing at the announcement of war. You can only online 1 module at a time and each one takes 2 minutes. So while you are running around doing your best to rush through your level 4's and getting some ore, please think of me. Sitting in the POS onlining 30+ modules on the eve of war. Other than that, even peacetime activities in the POS are a pain in the ass. Setting up individual permissions is a nightmare. Making sure everyone is protected from each other is a main concern and a tough decision since you only have so much organization available to play with (basically 6 divisions to use). Which means at some point, people will share hangers in the labs and such and shit can go missing (accidental or malicious).

I sort of chuckle when I recall when I was in a pvp corp out in null. We weren't in a large alliance. There were probably 10-20 of us on at prime time and we would roam around fountain, stain, cloud ring and providence looking for fights. Most of the time we got nothing (similar to roams in lowsec). When there was nothing going on, I used to get kind of miffed that my CEO wasn't pushing to move here or do this or run that. I guess that was me just being naive. Until I left and started my own corp, I had no idea what I was in for. It is very difficult to recruit people, make sure they are not Awox's and then keeping them active and involved in the corp. Announcements of various recruitment campaigns, prizes and bribes haven’t led to too many hires. Obviously, no one joins a corp during a wardec unless they are spies or good friends wanting to whore some kills. That, and the attrition rate skyrockets and a lot of those who leave never come back.

Where was I going with this.. Oh yes. Thank you CCP for making EVE less of a game and more of a job. I really do enjoy running a corp most of the time. If these stupid oversights were fixed, EVE would be a much more enjoyable place for CEO's and Directors. Anyway, that's my two ISK.

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