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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Collector

I have been playing Eve Online since 2009.  Other than a year long break, I have been pretty consistent.  I like to collect things.  The last time I did some housecleaning, I sold off about a billion ISK worth of hulls, T2 modules and various NPC swag.  I did not sell off any gifted or collectors items.  I still have all the trading cards, snowballs and fireworks.  I never used any of them.  I still have all the launchers too!

I also have Taipan that I got when a friend gave me his ticket from Pax East.  He doesn't play Eve (I still don't know why - he is as much of a geek as I am). 

I have various other ships, like special issue shuttles, a Quaf Zero Iteron (from one of the fanfests) as well as implants, skill boosters, etc.  If I remember correctly, I might even have a few cases of Quaff Zero around somewhere.

I probably won't ever sell any of these items.  The only time I might touch them is when I move them to a new home station.  

I am a virtual pack rat.  On top of that, I just moved into the next evolution of collecting.  I am now the proud owner of the 2nd Decade Collectors Edition.  I just received it yesterday.  It is pretty epic, if not a bit spendy.  I love the Rifter USB hub.  It's fragile, but it was well done.  If one were to see a Rifter up close and in real life, it would probably look just like the miniature.  The paint looks like rust.  It's dull and almost looks powdery.  There are streaks of silver all over the place.  To me, it looks like hybrid and projectile charges bounced off the hull and left gouges and scrapes.  Pretty damn cool.  Oh, and it lights up.  

I recorded the entire unveiling.  I took pictures and screen captures of the code entries for the cards that come with the package.  I finished the editing and then I went to render it and much to my dismay, the program stopped responding.  I put a few hours into it, getting it just right.  I was pretty deflated.  I let it sit overnight instead of closing the program.  I guess I will find out if that worked tonight when I settle into Eve.  

I didn't open the color photo hard copy book though.  I was holding my phone in one hand and manipulating items with the other.  I didn't want to rip any pages.  There was also a tabletop game included.  I haven't looked into that at all though.  There was also a soundtrack performed by the Icelandic Orchestra too.  I like classical compositions, so I will probably enjoy that.  

I am a collector