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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May and Beyond

Boy, May has really flown by.  We have had a productive month and the corp is growing steadily.  Our industry division is working well and I will be posting our May performance and I think I might add a few things like how I run a balanced budget.  I didn't have enough info to put one together until May is closed out.  We were only in business from the middle or March, so there isn't a lot of history to get a budget together.  Even with 2 months behind us, the numbers are still skewed towards assumptions and speculations, but it gives us a starting point for refinement.  

I'm happy to report that the blog is doing well so I will continue to do it.  It has become an important part of my role in our corp and it gives our members a resource to utilize and also how well, as a corp, we are doing. 

Perhaps my blogging experience is still sophomoric, but I enjoy doing it.  I would like to think I will get better as time goes by.  Sometimes it is tough coming up with something to discuss, but using the Dev Blogs and forum posts can get the creative juices flowing.  

I hope you will continue to follow my blog and tell your friends, corp-mates and leadership and as always, fly safe-ish.

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