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Looking for a corporation to join that accentuates your play-style? At Manu Fortius, we have assembled a group of the best capsuleers to fly with. We take pride in fostering an atmosphere of like-minded people with common goals and a place where you can help the corp for the greater good and also allowing the freedom to choose your own path. Check us out!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Manu Fortius is Recruiting - Come Fly with Us!

If you are looking for a good group of folks to fly with and ply your trade, check us out!  We are members of the Space Weaponry and Trade Alliance
About Us
Manu Fortius is an industrial corp based on the research and manufacturing of ship hulls, equipment and components. MFRU also has active miners, runs PVE missions and profits from planetary interaction. We conduct exploration (both anomaly and WH) and are starting to conduct some low-sec PVP operations with our alliance. We are working to make a strong and significant impact in the local market hubs with MFRU wares.

Aiming for the Stars
MFRU is a premier industrial corporation. We take great strides to provide the very best equipment and allow members access to that equipment. We want to be part of the success of every member as much as we want success for MFRU. Investing in our member's success is the surest way to be a successful corp. We don't take this lightly! We have low taxes, strong logistics and other beneficial programs to help you succeed.

Balance & Profit
MFRU is run like any other corporation. We are a for-profit organization. Profit for the corp and profit for the member. Everything that MFRU does has to be done with profit. If there is no profit to be made in an activity we review and see if we can a) make it profitable or b) make it fun (and that is where profit in other areas allows us to do things that are fun, but not always profitable). Just because we want to make ISK doesn't mean that this is a cut and dry view of EVE. EVE is still a game for enjoyment after all. So let's have fun!!

Rewards & Recognition
We also feel that morale is a HUGE factor. We recognize milestone events, offer member rewards and issue medals for excellent service. We don't just hand them out to hand them out. They mean something and are as important to us as they are to the recipient.

Hours of Operation
We are US/EU timezone corp with our prime time around 8pm US EST.
We utilize TS3 for voice comms and EVE mail for written communication.
We don't require a skill point minimum but we do ask for active pilots. We would like activity to be at least a few hours a week. We like to do group activities, so there is plenty of opportunity to attend an event.

Recruitment Info
Full API check and interview is required.
Check out our recruitment channel, Manu Fortius Recruitment and chat up one of our recruiters, or email/start a chat with Kasigi Yono, Heddonist, Vexed Nova or Warcalibre.

Check out The Industrialist blog by our very own Vexed Nova:

TL:DR Details
Based in Gallente High Sec
Orca Support
Freighter Support
Jump Freighter Capabilities
Veteran Players helping new players
New player friendly
No Trial accounts
Weekly group mission running
Regular mining ops
POS/Research Labs
Dedicated Leadership
and much more.

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