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Friday, May 9, 2014

My Blueprint Experiences and Tips

Well, Friday is upon us.  Another week gone by.  I am waiting anxoisly for Kronos, but my routine hasn't changed.  I am still inventing and building.  Status quo one might say.

I am looking through my poll results and one of you has requested that I give some insight into what I have identified, researched and how I do things.  I have been pretty lucky in inherit a few high value BPO's (capital and T2 component sets) but I have bought, researched and built off of a shit-ton of BPO's.  I would estimate my personal collection to be upwards of 200 BPO's.  All of them are researched.  Ships, modules, rigs, drones...The good stuff.

Some of the fundamental BPO's you should invest in are drones, turrets, missile bays, armor and shield tank mods, cap boosters, some ammo like antimatter, phased plasma and EMP.  I like drone modules, drones, and weapons (turrets and bays).  Those are usually pretty useful and sales aren't too bad especially if you can turn them around as T2 items.  If you want to sell straight up T1 items (maybe you have low industry skills) go for ammo, cap boosters and drone modules.  Anything with an unnamed meta variant are pretty safe bets.  

When researching, aim for ~100 on modules and around 15-20 on frigates, about 10-15 on cruisers.  There is a site that shows you the optimal research level for the least amount of waste (both in mineral usage and research time).  It is highly detailed and informative.  You can find that site here:    

In the pictures to the left and right, I show a Rifter Blueprint and a 125mm Autocannon.  You can see what it takes to reach "perfect" and "optimal" ME levels.  It will also show you mineral usage per production efficiency level. 

Another site, which I use a lot gives less detail but focuses on the important research level information.  You can find that here: It is a bit more condensed and easier to follow.

With Kronos, some of this information my by nullified or need to be adapted.  We will be seeing a lot more researched BPO's with the removal of slots and waiting lines.  This will affect the supply and demand if people start building.  The sell prices may stay flat for a while, but the cost will increase.  Well, that was a jist of the things I have found in my experiences.  This is certainly not the "end-all" answer, so feel

free to experiment and as
always, fly safe-ish.