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Monday, May 19, 2014

Kronos Blockade Runner and Deep Space Transport Changes

 Kronos (and then Crius) have become large patches for the industrialist.  There are many changes, buffs and nerfs going around that mainly have to do with industrial endeavors.  Freighter and jump freighter rebalance, the addition of the Prospector, a slew of industry mechanic revamps and more make this patch extremely important.  As the title of this blog reveals, deep space transports and blockage runners are falling under the 'rebalance ax'.  

Interesting...Anyway, The Prowler (Minmitar Blockade Runner) get a few needed buffs.  It will drop the shield boost bonus for a warp speed bonus (5% per transport skill level).  The cargo bay is also getting a good-sized bump.  Without cargo rigs, with the additional low slot, you can get the cargo bay over 9k m3, allowing for an additional giant secure container (total of three).  This opens up more logistical options for wormholers and null/low sec industrialists.  With the blockade runners ability to fit a covert ops cloak, the added cargo bay size will make for less trips and hopefully less tears.  The Viator (Gallente Blockade Runner) will also get a decent alignment time reduction buff.  

CCP Fozzie had the following to say
"These ships have been largely overshadowed by Orcas and high capacity T1 haulers for heavy duty hauling, and of course they cannot compete with the amazing evasion abilities of Blockade Runners.

"So our plan for revamping them is to give them a strong and stable carrying capacity in the form of a large fleet hangar. Besides creating interesting options for group play, this fleet hangar does not pressure a pilot into fitting rigs or expanded cargoholds for max carrying capacity.

"The fleet hangar is intended to make DSTs a viable choice for many hauling situations, and allowed us to then add a series of options to the DST defensive toolbox. We know that once people start using a ship it will be inevitable that they get into bad situations with them and that it can be immensely fun gameplay to escape a dangerous situation when you have no guarantee of survival. For this purpose we have provided the Deep Space Transports with defensive tools that are much less consistent than the covert cloak on the Blockade Runners but that are powerful nonetheless.

"The key new addition is a role bonus that doubles the benefits from overheating tanking modules and propulsion modules. This means that Deep Space Transports can have obscene tanks for short periods of time and gain strong bursts of mobility, especially useful for fighting your way back to a stargate (or for playing bait).

"They are also gaining the ability to use the new 
Medium Micro Jump Drive modules for extra escape and bubble evasion options."

I have a DST, but I rarely use it.  They are now getting some love from CCP and I like it.  DSTs will be getting a 'fleet hanger'.  As stated, it will help the pilot to get a good cargo capacity while not wasting rigs and slots for cargo expanders.  Also getting a 2x buff when overheating might mean the difference between exploding or lasting long enough for reinforcement.  I doubt the DST could last against a sustained attack, but if traveling through Jita, it might be highly advantageous to have a strongly fitted tank.

I think the rebalance was needed, but it will be interesting to see if DSTs will become more commonplace in low security areas for if the BR will still be dominant.  Regardless, as always, fly safe-ish.