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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dev Blog: Little Things In Kronos

CCP put out a dev blog stating the small changes in Kronos.  They are mainly little fixes to address issues that players have been having and wanted addressed.  You can find that blog post here: Little Things In Kronos: The Changes and Fixes You Asked For.

Some Key Points
Added a status of reload and repair cycles on modules to give you a visual to see how long it is taking.  Helpful.  I like it.  I think PVP's will get the most of this upgrade.

Collapsing windows
Now windows will only collapse if the header is double clicked.  I've never had an issue with this, but apparently, some people have had a tough time and lost some ships because of it..

Warp Scramble in effects bar
I never noticed this (I don't get scrambled or disrupted often), but it appears that your HUD will now show you what is happening to your ship. You can CTRL-click the icon and it will target the closest enemy that is applying that effect.  

Fleet Upgrades
Coloring Your Broadcast
You can now assign colors to the different types of fleet broadcasts, allowing the logistic pilot a very handy and easily recognized.  Broadcasts are defaulted to no color, but it is an easy change.
Cleaning Up The Broadcast Window
Logi pilots can now clear the broadcast list of icons so when they start fighting, they have a clean area and broadcasts are relevant to the fight.

Fleet Adverts
Fleet adverts will now hold information from the last advert and populate most of the info by default.  
Lastly, double clicking the advert will join the fleet instead of going to a 'join fleet' button.

Personal Assets Box
Items within the same solar system as you will be highlighted yellow (similar to market orders) so you can see right off the bat where things are.  You can now also link the station your assets are in into chat.

Added target locked icons in the survey scanner so now you can see which asteroids are actually targeted right from the survey results.  

Kill Report filters
You can now use a keyword filter to see kill reports.  It is not a search however.  It will only filter the page.

Item Info Window Efficiency
Info Window clean up is now a bit more condensed.  They combined all the resist lines into three: Shield, Armor and Hull and now all resists are on one line for each class.  I estimate that the box is about 35% shorter then pre-Kronos patch.  

There are a few other modifications, but this is the bulk of the more useful stuff.  I'm pretty happy with it.  Now if only they address POS and Corp tab  issues, I would be more excited, but as always, fly safe-ish.

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