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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dev Blog: Tiptoe Through the Tooltips

I had been briefed by some of my EVE friends that tool tips where a hot issue last night so I was prepared for an onslaught of annoyances.  I jumped online to do some industry stuff and noticed the new tool tips.  They weren't too much of a bother for me, but I am not doing anything special or requiring a lot of concentration.  I did see the dev blog on it this morning though.  

You can find it here: Tiptoe through the tooltips

What I did like was that on your overview, if you hover your mouse over an object, it will tell you what class it is.  Like 'frigate', 'planet' or 'station'.  To me, it effectively adds one more column to your overview for free.  I guess I am just easy.  I didn't explore every tool tip, so knowing the law of averages, there are at least some that would aggravate me. Anyway, fly safe-ish.

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