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Monday, May 12, 2014

A Quick Look at Kronos for the Industrialist: Part I

With Kronos almost upon us, I figured it would be a good time to give a summary on what we can expect from CCP's next free expansion.

We will be getting new ships, POS module and tower changes, industrial mechanic changes, and a bunch of other stuff like update UI for the industrial profession.

As far as new ships, we will be getting a T2 variant of the Venture (mining frigate).  You can check my post on the Prospect here Venture Hull Gets T2 Cousin.  We will also get Mordus Legion faction ships like the Garmur (frigate), Orthus (cruiser) and Barghest (battleship).

On some of the ship re-balance changes:
The Procurer will get a max velocity boost of 75% and a reduced signature by 25%.  The lock range has been increased by about 30% and the scan resolution has been reduced by about 30%.  There will also be a 2% bonus to strip miner and ice harvester duration per level.

The Retriever will get a lock range buff of about 30% and the scan resolution will drop about 6%.  It will also get a 2% per level bonus to strip miner duration but the yield bonus will be reduced from 50% to 25%.

The Covetor will get  a better align time with changes to mass and agility.  Max velocity is also getting about a 40% increase. It will have a 4% reduction in strip miner duration and about 4% yield increase.  It will also get a 55% increase in targeting range.

The T2 Exhumers will also get bonuses inline with their T1 brethren.

One huge thing to mention, Freighters will now be able to use Rigs!!!! You will lose some cargo capacity, but can make that bag with cargo rigs..  Its nice to have a tankier or speedier align time though.  

POS Module Changes are not really crazy, but the signature radius on modules outside of the shield sphere will 50% increase.  Small towers will get a 100% increase and medium towers will get a 25% increase.  Laboratories are getting renamed and some of the time and efficiency bonus are getting changed.  See my other post about these specifically here Forum Discussion: Starbase Tweaks.  Also some of the assembly array cargo capacities are getting increased pretty substantially.  

See my next post about industry mechanic changes and as always, fly safe-ish.

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