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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Selling Items in Bulk Using Mailing Lists

Selling large quantities of items on the market can be tedious and can take what seems like an eternity.  When your budget requires you to turn ISK as quickly as possible, sometimes the market fails you.  Market pvp is sometimes more demanding than actual pvp.  Playing station penny games and having to move back and forth to the market hub can be painful, but there are options!

In the not too distant past there was a mail group (in client) named 'bulk trade'.  People would join the mail list and then offer their wares, in bulk, at a fair price.  When selling in bulk, it is the general rule of thumb to sell at a lower margin than retail.  I should say it is the rule.  In real life, you can go on an Internet sellers's site and often get a price breakdown and discount per item the more you buy.  There is a vineyard where I am from that discounts wine depending on how much you buy.  For simplicity, 1-5 bottles are retail, 6-12 bottles gets you a 5% discount and 13-24 gets you a 10% discount.  

This is how many industrialists in EVE prefer to sell large amounts of manufactured goods.  It is safe. It is quicker than the market and just makes good business sense if you need to turn over ISK quickly.  Yes, you will take a deduction on the margin, but getting your ISK quicker allows you to manufacture more and the cycle continues.   

EVE's client only allows 2000 members in a mail group and the popularity of 'bulk trade' was such that the owner had to look to other avenues in order to provide their service.  In a controversial move, they decided that they would charge a fee to use the service.  I have no issue with that and it was a move that they felt would be beneficial to them.  That's the entrepreneurial spirit that drives us.  However, many people were disgruntled by the change.  Another mail group has taken it's place in the EVE client's email system.  That successor group is named 'Wholesale Trading'.  Following in the same vein as the original 'Bulk Trade' mail group, it is a natural progression to change over to it.  In my opinion, it doesn't matter to me whether its one mail group or ten.  I will join them all given the opportunity because that is how I make my ISK.  Any tool that helps me make ISK is well worth it.  

As of yet, I haven't been accepted to the Google mail group that 'Bulk Trade' evolved into, so I can't tell you how much success I have had.  If they do ever accept me, I will happily add my experiences to my blog.  If you are having a similar experience, might I suggest joining the "wholesale trading' mail group? I have had good success there, so I know it works.  It may not be as massive (yet), but give it a try.  You don't have anything to lose (it's free) and only ISK to gain.  Plus added sanity.   

You can see the forum post here: Wholesale Trading mail group 

Good Luck and as always, fly safe-ish.

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