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Friday, May 23, 2014

Crius POS Module Afterglow

I'll warn you right now, I am merely just speculating on the following:

The industrial changes in Crius are going to force POS owners to revisit their POS Setups.  No longer are you going to need an entire POS of labs.  This is great news as it will free up your tower's PG and CPU for other modules.  The changes to job costings and POS bonus buffs will push manufacturing and research out to the POS (unless you don't own one).  If you own a POS, there shouldn't be any reason (other than safety) to do anything in NPC stations.  It won't stop it because not everyone owns a POS, but it will change how industrialists go about their profession.  

I have never really used faction pos modules.  I wasn't a serious enough POS user to justify the added cost.  In my opinion, that is going to change for me.  Getting the most out of your modules now becomes critical to profits.  All the time bonus changes are well worth using POS modules.  The added job costings in NPC stations makes it even more alluring.  I have been watching Hyasyoda labs and while in the last 30 days, their price has remained pretty flat.  If you go back 90 days, there was some rather large fluctuations.  I believe that was before the Kronos changes were originaly announced (I don't feel like looking back at history).  I feel that the supply remained a constant and demand waned, causing a dip in prices.  I am going to wait until the dust of Crius settles and see where they finally shake out.  I think the supply will jump once POS owners don't need a whole POS dedicated to research usage.  Thats just my thoughts.  
Here is the 30 and 90 day price composites for POS modules that I made on EVE Markets website.

30 Day Average

90 Day Average

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