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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Anchoring Your POS in High and Low Sec

The quick and dirty:  
In order to hang a high sec player owned station (pos), your corp needs to have a certain standing based on the solar systems security status.

The Details:
For example:
To hang a pos in a 0.5 system, you will need an 'unmodified' 5.0 standing with the faction who claims the solar system.  In a 0.6 system you will need a 6.0 standing.  It works the same in low sec.  In null or WH space, it doesn't matter.  You are free to hang a pos there without a standings check 

EDIT: In Cruis, standing requirements go away.  I completely forgot about the change...Sorry!  Thanks JB DeVries for your correction!

When I say 'unmodified; standing, you will have to disregard any skills you have.  Also, your corps standing is based on its membership.  You need your total unmodified average to calculate your standing.  When you open up the corp tab on your NEOCOM under standings, it will show you what your unmodified average is with all your relevant npc corp contacts/factions/etc.  If you look deeper, you can click to see composition.  This shows all the people in your corp who count towards (or against) your faction average.  

People with a 0.0 standing DO NOT count against or for your standing with that faction.  If they are .01 +/- or more, they count against you.  I am pretty sure NEW members to the corp wont effect standings for 7 days.  If you boot the members that lower your standing average, I believe it takes about two days or downtimes for the standings to reset.  Not 100% on that, its been a while since I had to hang a pos.  

If you plan to hang one pos, prior to Crius, I would hang two (for future expansion).  Once Crius hits, we might not all need as many pos's as we do now (for research).  

Don't forget strontium, fuel blocks and faction charters (for low sec and up), and as always, fly safe-ish.

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