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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Corporation Start Up Series - Part 2: Corporation NEO Comm Tab

In continuing with my corporation start up series, I am going to give an overview on the corporation tab on the NEO Comm.  Through this tab (it looks like a ring of stars, you can create a corp or look at details, dividends and divisions.  

Corporation divisions are what you see when you are looking at the hangers in a station or POS structures. It pays to be organized here and name divisions meaningfully.  This is what you will use as an organizer for whatever your corporation does.  If you are an industrial corp, you might want to name the divisions, mining, PI, shipyard or what have you.  If you keep name them and use them as their designated function, you might save yourself some headaches when looking for items.  

Similarly, you can do the same thing with your wallet divisions.  You cannot change the name of the "master wallet" but you can change all the others.  Again, deliberately naming your wallet divisions can save you a lot of hassle down the road and it is a good indication of how your divisions are fairing profit-wise.  It also helps that you can show your corporation members what is what as far as finances.  My suggestion is that you try to name the wallet divisions to coincide with the corporate hanger divisions.  Again, this is to simplify things.  

You will also see the tax rate (which you can change from 10% (default) to whatever. I would suggest you don't go higher than 10% or lower than 3-5%.  It can help sway a possible recruit to your corp since all NPC corps have a 10% tax.  This tax money will be delivered to your wallet and in the wallet journal it will show what it was for and from whom it came.  Taxes are levied on mission payouts and NPC bounties.  They can help supplement your office rentals or ship replacement programs.  I would advise against a 0% tax policy.  You can change the tax rate at any time.

I did want to briefly mention the dividend tab.  This works in a similar way that RL corporations work.  You as a CEO can offer stocks to your members and then you can pay out a specified amount to all those who hold stocks.  I strenuously advise that you do not offer out stocks to your members unless you are RL friends.  A crafty stockholder can initiate votes that can unlock BPO's in the hangers or even oust you from the position of CEO.  Approach with the utmost care.  

The corp tab also shows the corporation founder, current CEO, current members, ticker name (from when you set up the corp), tax rate and an office/asset list.  This can give a quick summary of how the corp is set up.  You can also set up corp bulletins with important info, voice comm server url, and website urls.  When a corp member looks at the corp tab, these bulletins will come up for them to see.  It is a great place to put FAQs and other information you want to be available at all times.  It's also a good place to put your leadership points of contact, war dec bulletins or upcoming major events (coinciding with using the calendar.  

If you are in an alliance, there is a menagerie of other tabs in which i will make a separate post for.

This is just a basic overview of the corp tab on your NEO Comm.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and as always, fly safe-ish.

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