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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Breaking News on Kronos: Industry Update Delayed

CCP Falcon announced in the latest Dev Blog that the industrial changes we have been hearing about and foaming at the mouth over have been bumped to Cruis on July 22nd.  You can check out the Dev Blog here: Delivering the Industry New Eden Deserves.

This change comes on the heels of the announcement of multiple small releases around every 6 weeks.  While I am looking forward to the industrial changes, and this saddens me a bit, I would surely be more disappointed if the Kronos changes were broken.  I guess I can be placated with the thought that the Cruis release will have a fully functional mechanic and it will be worth the wait.  On a positive note, low cost manufacturing will be available for another two months.   

Under the heading of due diligence, CCP Falcon states that unforeseen technical issues coupled with the June 3rd Kronos release would be too detrimental and that delaying the release until July (not Winter) will give them enough time to work out the kinks.  He also stated that this extra time would allow them to have the public play-test these changes on the Singularity server thus providing more opportunity to get feedback and to fix anything that is still unpolished or untested.

This only will affect the industrial changes.  The Kronos release is still on for June 3rd and will still include things like the Mordus Legion ships, the Prospect and other general tweaks and upgrades.

As I stated, I'm a bit disappointed but prepared to be [hopefully] wow'd by the industrial changes.  I hope you are too and I also hope, as always, that you fly safe-ish.