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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Venture Hull gets a T2 Cousin!

I apologize for my latency in posting.  This was an important announcement for industrialists. 

During the EVE Fanfest keynote lecture, CCP announced the addition of a new frigate called the ORE Prospect.  This new ship uses the T1 hull from the Venture (a purpose-built mining frigate excelling at gas mining and mining in hostile territory). 

Classified as an "expedition frigate", the ship will have the ability to utilize a Covert Ops cloak and/or Covert Ops Cyno unit.  It also features a robust mining set up and a larger ore bay than its T1 counterpart.  An upgraded cargohold can also now fit a mobile depot increasing its versatility and up-time while in hostile space.

The mining frigate skill bonus grants a 5% mining laser yield and -5% gas harvester duration per level.  Also, with the expedition frigate skill, you will get an additional 5% bonus to mining laser yield and a -5% bonus to signature radius.  For role bonuses, you get a 100% bonus to mining laser and gas harvesting yield as well is a 100% reduction in cloaking device CPU usage and can fit CovOps Cloak and Cyno upgrades.  There is also a re-cloak delay reduction to 5 seconds.

ORE Prospect

Mining Frigate Bonus (per level):
+5% Mining Laser Yield
-5% Gas Harvester duration

Expedition Frigate Bonus (per level):
+5% Mining Laser Yield
-5% signature radius

Role Bonus:
+100% to Mining Laser and Gas Harvester yield
-100% Cloaking Device CPU usage
Can fit CovOp cloak and/or cyno
Cloak reactivation delay reduced to 5 seconds.

The Details:
Slot Layout: 3H, 3M 4L, 2 turrets
Fittings: 45 PWG, 290 CPU
Defense: shield / armor / hull- 800 / 600 / 600
Capacitor: max / recharge / cap per second - 300 / 125s / 2.4s
Mobility: max / agility / mass / align time - 380 / 3 / 1,400,000 / 5.82s
Drones: bandwidth / bay - 0 / 0
Targeting: max range / scan resolution / max locked targets - 20km / 750 / 6
Sensor Strength: 10
Signature Radius: 40
Cargo Bay: 150m3
Ore Bay: 10,000m3

Note: blueprint copies will require invention from Venture BPC's.

My thoughts: 
Usage will be, but not limited to: Gas Harvester, Cloaky Miner, and Black Ops Cyno-bait (yep, you bet).  

This new hull outclasses the Venture in performance, increased toughness and more versatility, but I don't believe that the Venture will be put on the back burner indefinably.  Its a decent train to fully utilize the Prospect so that might be out of reach for the newer capsuleers for a while.  The price on ventures might inflate for a short period due to lower supply while everyone uses the hulls for T2 production instead of outright sale on the marketplace.  

The initial offering of the Prospect will be highly inflated until the demand settles back down to historic levels.  

With changes to mining and ore sites, this may push players who normally take it safe into the wildlands of low and null for glory and fortune.  Hell, I might even mine again.  Until then, as always, fly safe-ish.

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