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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Manu Fortius Industrial Expense Report (March 2014)

Last month, under a different corporation, I showed some spreadsheets and graphs for our industrial production.  Since then, I have joined up with a different corp and I am running my industry there.  Here is our March Report.  I didn't include any graphs on our sales as I sold only one item type.  I didn't start the industrial division up until mid-March so this is pretty skewed.  Next month, the sales carryovers will show in influx of ISK for the 1st quarter of April.  This is due to the costs of items not yet sold was factored into the expenses for March and not for April.  I could pluck those out and move them to April, but it wasn't really a concern and this also shows that what start up costs can do.  If this happens, don't lose faith.  You might need to give it a few months to balance out.  
Here are the facts though

Total ISK (Seeded) 
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  • 50,000,000.00 (corp start up)
  • 200,000,000.00 (personal donation by me)
Total Revenue
  • 107,910,091.66 (manufactured sales)
Total Expenses
  • 274,393,050.48 (including office fees and corp transfer of tax to master wallet).
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As I said, it doesn't look good, but I have about 150m (market avg value) of goods being manufactured at the time of this post that will go towards April's revenue report and the cost of materials was included in March's statement.   

Mainly, I just wanted to point out most of the expenses incurred.  The "acquisitions from FDA" is an older corp that has a large surplus of minerals.  I am buying them back at the highest Dodixie buy order.  They are not for free.  Most of the items, moon goo, components and minerals are being bought from that corp and will continue to be until such a time as they are all used up (could take 4-6 months I am guessing).  

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