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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Top 25 Most Active Industrial Systems Currently

Here is a small list of the most active systems for industry.  This is basically a list of the best places to do your industrial activities due to the concentration of work teams, not necessarily the most cost-effective.  

Also, there are new filtering options on the Star Map to show industry-related statistics.  If you can't get to one of these areas, you can use the map to help guide you to an area that you might feel is better for you.  This list is subject to change, but it's a good example of how the work teams have effected the cost scaling of industrial jobs.

Top 25 Current Manufacturing Regions

System Index Region
1 Itamo 0.9 Forge
2 Jita 0.8 Forge
3 Uemisaisen 0.8 Lonetrek
4 Paara 0.8 Citadel
5 Oiniken 0.7 Citadel
6 Ansila 0.7 Forge
7 Ohmahailen 0.7 Forge
8 Peikura 0.7 Lonetrek
9 Oimmo 0.7 Lonetrek
10 Tividu 0.6 Tash-Murkon
11 Saisio 0.6 Lonetrek
12 Muvolalian 0.6 Citadel
13 Altrinur 0.6 Metropolis
14 Annaro 0.6 Citadel
15 Pimebeka 0.6 Tash-Murkon
16 Akainavas 0.6 Lonetrek
17 Usi 0.6 Citadel
18 Inghenes 0.6 Sinq Laison
19 Jatate 0.6 Forge
20 Poinen 0.6 Forge
21 Tuurainas 0.6 Forge
22 Kaimon 0.6 Citadel
23 Warouth 0.5 Domain
24 Hageken 0.5 Lonetrek
25 Funtanainen 0.5 Lonetrek