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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Crius Patch Notes are Available

Crius patch notes are available for review.  Check out the official notes here: Crius Patch Notes

  • Some notable highlights are
  • Changes to refining mechanics, skills, outputs, etc
  • Big changes to industry UI in general
  • PI tab moved to NEOCOMM Business tab
  • Marketplace group icons and reorganization of the manufacture and research folders
  • Factional Warfare upgrades no longer give extra station slots & damage and tracking of factional warfare NPC's has been reduced
  • ME/TE research & bpo changes
  • Most Tech I materials have been removed from Tech II manufacturing
  • Production and Research teams are now available
  • Blueprints are no longer able to be used remotely.  They must be in a station or POS structure to use
  • Control Tower anchoring can now be done without the faction standing requirement
  • Compression Array has been added (POS Structure)
  • Mobile labs (and NPC station labs) no longer have slots
  • Changes to assembly array names and capacities
  • Isotope requirement for jump drives, jump bridges and doomsday weapons increased by 50%

Also various fixes, tweeks and new bugs in Crius.  Have fun!

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