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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Future Blog Framework

I've been out of the loop for a while, but I am just jotting down some of the things I will cover over the next few days.  I will knock these out, but they are listen in no specific order of priority.

1. [video/written blog] Crius: work teams, scaling, advantages of high-volume systems, etc
2. [video blog] POS: setting up an Industrial High Sec POS
3. [video blog] POS: managing POS setups, modules, access rights, hanger usage
4. [video/written blog] Invention process in Crius, copying/invention
5. [blog] Economy: trends in Crius, how new cost scaling is affecting the industrialists trying to sell wares.
6. [blog-continuous] Around the forums: my opinions on hot EVE-O forum threads, dev posts, etc
7. [blog-continuous] bug reporting, issues, hot topics
8. [blog-frequent] Manu Fortius news, industrial program results, ideas, tips, etc

I needed to lay it out so I have a framework of what I would like to accomplish with my blog for the remainder of July and also to give you all some idea of what freakish thoughts are coursing through my gray matter.