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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Test Driving the Industry Changes on Singularity (By the Numbers)

I had a few hours to kill last night so I fired up my Singularity launcher and patiently waited for the large update to be completed.  It took a while, but once I logged in, I jumped right to the industry tab.  You will notice that it is a completely different interface.  It is pretty shiny.  Lots of cool graphics and all the information is available from one view.  You don't have to click through a bunch of boxes like in the current legacy system.  

Rolling an item into production is pretty simple.  If you are using your corporate hanger, you select your input and output hangers and manufacture to your heart's content.  When you input the run count, you can see if you have all the materials on hand.  If you don't, you can't manufacture.  It all happens from the initial screen.  Another cool thing about it is that you can see your effective range that you can start jobs.  In this instance, I can affect production anywhere within 25 jumps of my current position.   Another super-handy UI upgrade is to see how many jobs you have active and how many slots you have.  Here is the dissection of the industry UI by the numbers.

By the Numbers (Click to Enlarge)
  1. Mineral Requirements: This shows what is required to manufacture the item.  If you don't have all the minerals, the boxes around the graphic will be red.  If you do, they will be blue.
  2. BP Research Modifier: This will show the effect of research on the blueprint
  3. Location: Pretty self-explanatory
  4. Location Input/Output:  If you are using a blueprint from your personal hanger, this is irrelevant.  If you are using a corp hanger, you can/will need to select the input and output hangers.  This also tells the system where to pull the minerals from.
  5. Output:  This is just an info-graphic to show what and how many items you are manufacturing
  6. Time Required:  This is the total production time of the manufacturing run
  7. Manufacturing Cost: This is how much it will cost to install and complete the job
  8. Skill Requirements: This will show you a go/no-go on whether or not you have the skills to manufacture the item
  9. Slots Used/Available: Now you can see how many jobs you have installed vs your max.  This is AWESOME!
  10. Control Range:  This tells you how many jumps away from the bp/mineral location you can start a job.  Blueprint and minerals need to be together in that station (and in the same corporate hanger if applicable).
  11. Activity Type:  This is a selectable icon that allows you to choose what activity you want to perform on the BP.  From left to right - Manufacturing, Time Research, ME Research, Copying, Invention (I think), & I don't remember the far right one.  
  12. Work Teams: Here you can select work teams.  I didn't get to try this one out.
  13. Blueprint Section:  Here you can see your blueprints.  You can select personal ones and corporate ones.  Explanation from left to right: blueprint name, TE Level, ME Level, runs remaining, activities you can perform on the blueprint, jumps from current location, facility location, hanger location.
Also, one thing that I didn't label is the tabs above the blueprints.  You can select (from left to right): blueprints, facilities, jobs, teams.  They work the same way they used to, with the addition of teams.  You can view current jobs under the job tab, similar to what we used to do.

As I test out the industry system, I will post updates and maybe some tips and tricks on how to make the system work for you.  All in all, I was pretty impressed after my initial system-shock.  The graphical UI was a bit overwhelming at first.  It's like the old system was a Chevy Vega and the new system is an Audi A10.  Hope you enjoy and as always, fly safe-ish.

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