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Monday, July 21, 2014

Industrial Control

I've posted about the benefits and pitfalls of running a corporation's industrial program.  It's like being an air traffic controller (from second-hand experience) and before Crius, it's akin to doing it without a radar.  To be honest, with all the things going on in my life right now, I just haven't been able to put a lot of time in.  I guess that it might not be hyper-critical at this point.  Once Crius hits though, I would like to jump on the business-end of the change.  I mentioned builders packs.  I will also be keeping a large assortment of blueprint copies for our corpies to make stuff with them since they will all be at least ME10.  We are building about 3-4 freighters a month.  Things are going well and I feel Crius will open up the books for more profit, more activity and more fun.  From what I have experienced on Singularity, the industry UI is great.  I really like how everything looks and feels (after my initial shock).  I think CCP did a good job on that end.  The mechanics.. I really haven't developed an opinion on that as of yet.  I just didn't get enough time to take a deep look at them yet.  With Crius being implemented tomorrow, I guess the practice will be reality.  Overall, I have high hopes for Crius.  

Here are some great blog posts to look at while you wait for Crius to download and install. They are highly informative and entertaining reads.

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Check out these posts and show your support for the industrialists in us all and as always, fly safe-ish