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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bye Bye, Remote Industry Installations

Just a reminder, You can no longer remotely install BPO/BPC jobs.  They have to be in the NPC station if you are using the NPC labs or in the POS lab you are using if using a POS lab.  In the Crius release, there is no longer any way to keep your BPO's safe if you are using your POS labs via the NPC Hanger.  

The POS value has risen as most POS installations are now superior to NPC stations.  

If your BPO is in a lab and you have the Scientific networking skill trained to an appropriate level, you can remotely start/deliver jobs in that specific lab.  So the skill is still viable but again, the BPO needs to physically be in the lab you want to use.

This could be viewed as a good thing.  Some office rental fees are quite exorbitant, especially in highly populated systems.  You can ditch the office if you were only taking advantage of the safety of having BPO's in an NPC station.  

On top of all this, since the Crius patch removed the slot limit in stations and POSs, there are no wait times for any researching activities.  You can now lose the research POS with massive quantities of labs and hang some assembly arrays instead and reap the added benefits provided by those POS structures now.  Really, the only reason to use an NPC station for industry is if you don't have or don't want to mess around with a POS.  

If you want to set up a POS and use it to it's full potential, you should have the following arrays, plus any other ones that fit your requirements (like manufacturing).  

1 x Hyasyoda Labs - benefits to ME/TE Research
1 x Design Laberator - best for Copying and Invention
1 x Experimental Lab - T3 reverse engineering

It would also be good to have these two arrays if you are heavy into mining
1 x Reprocessing Array
1 x Compression Array

Also, stick with a large POS for safety reasons now that your BPO's will be in perpetual peril.  As always, fly safe-ish.

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