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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


You know, I recently went through my DVD's and pulled out a few that I hadn't seen in quote some time.  Some of them were pretty dated.  Ghostbusters, Robocop, etc.  It is not just a Hollywood thing; remaking older versions of movies.  The gaming industry has been doing it for years.  Even board game companies like Parker Brothers and Milton-Bradley do it.  It's no surprise, when once it was a cash-cow, perhaps soon it shall be again.  In my experience, very few remakes are worthy of the same pedestal as the original, but such is life.  In movies, the technology changes are not as pronounced as in the platform spec changes on say, computers.  I mean sure, they can dust off an old celluloid film reel and and some new-aged CGI (and Lucas, if you ever do that again, I'll beat you with my Chewbacca action figure), but overall, the update isn't that much more impressive.  I would venture to guess, the PC rehash would be quite a different story. 

Where am I going with this... Yes, computer technology.  It has advanced sooo far over the last few decades that classic games like X-Wing Vs Tie-Fighter, Privateer,  Freelancer, and of course Wing Commander (et. al.) could really do well with a well-made revival.  I'm partial to X/W - T/F myself, but there are many other fine candidates.  Doing a remake in a current-generation engine would give me a wood.  I've been waiting and waiting.  I would donate my kidney for a well-done and thorough remake of the Tie-Fighter series.  I hope someone out there has it on their to-do list.  Maybe Disney (don't hit me) can make something happen.  

Anyway, this was just something that popped in my head today.  I figured I would let it spill out on to my blog.

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