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Monday, September 15, 2014

Dev Blog: Lighting the Invention Bulb

Okay, so I don't have a lot of time.  I am going to run the dirty on this Dev Blog and try to put a highlight on all the major notes.

Here is the Dev Post Link for more Details:  Lighting the Invention Bulb

Invention is changing, soon.  Not in Oceanus, but CCP will do it "soon".

In an effort to simplify the invention gig, they are kind of rolling some aspects together, e.g T2/T3 invention.  

Here are the broad strokes:
  • Datacore / Science skill requirements will be adjust so that they are more rounded and different activities spread the datacore usage more uniformly.  One of the biggest examples of what they want to change is the use of electronic engineering and mechanical engineering.  The are scaling back on those requirements in order to utilize things like molecular engineering and graviton physics.  What does that really mean for us?  Well, datacore farming will change to adjust to the new demand.  That will stabilize the price of datacores across the board as less-popular datacores will be required instead of overlooked.  
  • The T2 construction skills will be required to construct advanced ships @ level 1.  Some skills required level 4 or 5.  What will end up happening is that you will gain a Time Efficiency bonus for each level, but you will be able to build all hulls at level 1.  The skills will be renamed to Advanced XXX Construction to further clarify that they are not required for T1 hull construction..
  • Merging invention with reverse engineering so that the two will be more similar.  This means that decryptors will effect reverse engineering outcomes.  What will also happen is that Data Interfaces (item tools) will be removed from the game.  Meta item use will be removed.  Work Teams will play a role in invention now.  The invention formula will change (which I am not drawing out here).  So the good is that decryptors will effect the ME/TE on T3 reverse engineering.  Having work teams will effect invention ME/TE as well.  
  • Invention Success will now be similar to crafting in some MMO's.  The higher the success rate, the better the item will be.  In short, here is what CCP is planning:
    • Success (Exceptional) - ME 2 and TE 3 bonus
    • (Great) - ME 1 and TE 2 bonus
    • (Good) - TE 1 bonus
    • (Standard) - no bonus (ME 2 / TE 2)
    • Failure (Standard) - 50% change datacores will be returned
    • (Poor) - 25% change datacores will be returned
    • (Terrible) - 10% 
    • (Critcal) - 0%
  • Base chance % tweaks 
    • Current 
      • Modules / Ammo - 40% base chance
      • Frigates, Destroyers, Freighters and Skiff - 30%
      • Cruisers, Industrials, Mackinaw - 25%
      • Battlecruisers, Battleships, Hulk - 20%
    • Proposed
      • Modules, Rigs, Ammo - 40%
      • Frigates, Destroyers - 35%
      • Cruisers, BC, BS, Industrial, Mining Barges and ORE Industrials 30%
      • Battleships, Industrial Command - 25%
      • Capital, Capital Industrial, 20%
  • Blueprint Copy Invention change will use only one run of the copy.  So a 100 run BPC gets your 100 invention chances.  So what they want to do is make it so you can run as many jobs as you can using one click.  Let's say you have a ten-run copy.  You can now set up (if you have the skills for it) ten invention chances using that one blueprint copy, instead of using ten blueprints and running one invention on each.  
This is pretty much it in a nut shell.  I like most of these proposed changes.  I know some people might take issue, but overall, its not bad.  My ultimate favorite is running multiple inventions at one time instead of me clicking 44 times.  My mouse will thank me.

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