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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Moving Right Along

One of the forum banners I've created based on a lava planet
A few big changes.  We have left the sanctity of Sinq and moved to Amarr space to better fit in with our new alliance.  Oh, we have parted ways with Space Weaponry and Trade (amicably) of course.  Things are going pretty well.  I still don't have all my personal stuff down there and I need to move my PI from our Old, Old AoE.  I never moved it to Croleur.  I am looking forward to getting our toes wet in Low Sec.  It opens up a few opportunities for our corp that we didn't have being part of a strictly high sec alliance.  We are also now in a coalition, which is something I am also looking forward to.  I've never been in a coalition, so the new opportunities do excite.  

We have our manufacturing and research equipment set up and are quickly getting back to our industrial roots.  We are going to force a market hub in our area for the coalition to be able to reship quickly without having to run to a market hub.  While I don't necessarily like having inventory sit on the shelves, it is for the greater good, so I can live with it.  I have been manufacturing T2 hulls and modules for marketplace and wholesales, and that has gone well.

I haven't mined in over a year, so I am going to get back into running mining ops and a more regular basis.  I think I really want to persue the low sec mining with Ventures and Prospects for smaller corp ops.  I am also going to try to get larger alliance ops with probably Procurers and Skiffs.  I want to gather and compress low sec ore for our capital programs and also work to make connections with null alliances to supply compressed ore.  The changes in refining in the Kronos made compressed ore more critical then ever.  You are not able to use t1 modules as "mineral compression vessels" anymore, so in order for null alliances to get enough minerals for capital production, they either have to mine the area themselves (time consuming and more dangerous) or get it from a high sec supply source.  I think it is a good niche market especially if you can go direct to the end user and cut out the market bullshit.  

There isn't really much else in EVE that has garnered my attention.  There was a Dev Blog (I think last week) that detailed some invention/reverse engineering changes (sometime in the near future), but I've already covered that.  I try not to get pulled in and caught up in all the politics; I'm all set with that.

I've been making corp banners for our forums and forum signature images for members.  I am new to Corel (I haven't done any graphical stuff in about 7 or 8 years, so it's been enjoyable getting the creative juices flowing once again).

Another banner image I've created
Oceanus (the next patch) is due out September 30th.  The notable changes (but rather irrelevant to me) are cloaking animation changes, new wormhole stuff, new tool tips and notification system.  The French are getting a localization for their client.  Ceptors  & Dictors are getting rebalanced. Named-module changes and changes to the New Eden Store.  Whatever, some people might deem this patch ok.  I'm not too concerned with anything here other than the Ceptor/Dictor change as I plan to get back into PVP in this new coalition.  I've posted about the invention changes, but as far as i know, there is not a fixed timescale yet for that.  What we REALLY NEED are updates to the corp/alliance UI and POS roles.   They have always been FUBAR, but enough time has gone by and enough input from the community, that these mechanics should have been addressed well before graphical updates and changes to the New Eden Store.

I will probably start hopping around on the forums to drum up some blog inspiration.  It's really been a while since I have had a good run of posting.  Life's been so busy planning for a wedding (though my fiance has been spearheading the whole thing) and just the daily grind at work.  Fall is here, but I don't expect my industry to slow down until December holidays arrive.  If the weather is decent, contractors and homebuilders are scrambling to get shit done before Old Man Winter takes a giant shit on the Northeast.  Peeps need their building supplies!

So, until my next post, fly safe-ish.

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