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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Module Tiericide

Today, CCP released a new DevBlog outlining the changes they are making to bring the module meta down to a more unified/simplified state.  These changes will be coming in Oceanus on September 30th.  In ways similar to what they did with the hull classes, they will make modules more cohesive and give the capsuleer a bit more choice to strategize their fits.  Modules will follow a more distinct path instead of everyone just fitting META 4 (when they can afford it and when they haven't the skills for T2 modules) and the rest being left to rot.  I think they change will make it easier for newer players to be able to fit their ships (as long as they stop fail-fitting), but the implications on the marketplace could get drastic.

Although all Meta 1-4 "named modules" drop from NPC's, lots of people have invested heavily in the buying (or looting) and then reselling Meta 4 modules.  Up until now, there was a generous margin of profit to be made in doing so.  The negative to the tiericide is that Meta 4 modules will probably drop in value by a fair margin.  I do believe the Meta 1-3 (current system) modules will go up in value, but not enough to cover the loss in Meta 4.  While Meta buying and reselling will still be profitable, I think a lot of people will take issue with the punch to their wallet.  As I stated, I believe that the other Meta items will go up in value a bit, so there will still be profitable transactions, but when you start messing with the marketplace, folks be angry.  

You can find the DevBlog here: Rebalancing EVE One Module at a Time  

Until then, buy safe-ish