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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

EVE (EVil Entities)

I was over at Jester's Trek and he had a very disturbing blog post "The Bonus Round".  It was about a particular EVE player named Erotica 1.  He went on to detail his deplorable torture of an EVE Online player.  There is also over 2-hours of audio chronicling the depravity and abuse.  I feel for the guy and his wife (who was dragged into the foray).  This type of abuse (while probably one of the most heinous things I have ever heard) is somewhat rampant in EVE.  CCP's willingness to look the other way often encourages this type of behavior.  I wasn't always so pious.  I have suicide-ganked a miner or two and I have been hero tackle of a few unfortunate incursions pilots who didn't pay attention to the system security status, but I would never do something so dastardly or damaging to even my worst enemy.  Things like this effect the lives of people and I am sure have even lead to victims hurting themselves.  

I really think CCP needs to take a hard-line on instances like this.  As Jester quite eloquently put it, 

"EVE is real. And I assure you, what is being done to this man is also real. If you -- for even a single moment! -- would think to defend what is happening here or if you think it is "funny", I invite you to share this recording with your mother or your aunt or your grandmother or your sister. Tell them that this is something that happens in the video game that you play. Tell them the "funny" tale of a few friends in EVE Online having a few laughs. Play her the recording. Let her judge this recording from outside the bubble that you're living in.  I assure you this female relative will look at you in a whole new light thereafter." 

I read something not too long ago (and I apologize; I don't recall the source) about a similar instance where people tortured someone and the finally threatened to hurt themselves.  CCP allegedly called the local authorities and the victim was greeted by the police.  If this is true, that means CCP is aware of the impact (no plausible deniability here) these events have on a person (how the hell could they not be?).  They must be willing to do something more.  If they have to rewrite their TOS, so be it.  I don't know the answer without traipsing on the freedom the game allows, but there are plenty of smart people who have a soul that can work out something.  I have faith in humanity.  I knew EVE could be a bad place, but this incident really shakes my faith.  I have been playing EVE for years.  I have seen a lot of good things: The Battle for Caldari Prime, the Halloween War and Bloodbath of B-R5RB.  It is a shame that these industry-changing events can be overshadowed by someone's sick and perverted idea of fun.  

EDIT: I deleted some things that I regret saying.  I just want to enjoy the game and pass on my experiences so that I may entertain and teach.  I stand by my point that some people are just evil.  Be careful out there and don't fall for the scheme and certainly don't continue for a few hours with the lure of riches.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...

I hope you never have to undergo something so undeniably evil, whether it be in real life or a computer game.  So as always, fly safe-ish.

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