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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mining Op Basic Management

This will be a quick one and it is based on my experience.

Running a mining op, at any scale, requires the mining foreman to multi-task.  Anything that the individual miner can do to ease the burden on the foreman is much appreciated.  These simple steps can help make the mining op much smoother.  It also has a side effect of increased efficiency, allowing for quicker payouts.  

Here are the bullet points for the individual miner.
  • When Jet-Can mining, always name your can and put the deployment time on it.  Example: Vexed 01:00.  This means that it is my can and that I jettisoned it at 0:00.  Cans last for around 2hrs before they implode into oblivion.  If that happens, all the contents of the can are lost.  It is the foreman's job to grab that can before it pops.  
  • When your can is full, change the name on the can to 'your name' and add FULL.  Example: Vexed 0:00 [FULL].  Keep the original time.  You might want to put in the fleet chat that such and such can full and named.  The foreman will grab the can.  
  • You might not be able to fill the can before the time runs out.  You then must communicate this to the foreman and change the name of the can appropriately.  Example: Vexed 0:00 [READY].  Post in the fleet chat as well.  Also, this can be the case in the event that you run out of asteroids within your range and have to move farther than 2.5k from your jet-can.  
These are some foreman tips.  They may or may not work for you.
  • Set up your overview so that you can see the entire can name (including can status).  Pay close attention to the older cans and make sure that you grab them around 1-1/2 hours old.  I still think there is a random timer and it doesn't explode at exactly 120 minutes.  That may not be the case, but I have never left a can out longer than around 1 hour.  
  • Make sure your fleet window is either active or separated from your regular chats.  That way you can see important fleet messages and not have to click back and forth.
  • When logging incoming cans, you might want a spreadsheet or a notebook and log what each can contains and who gave it to you.  If you are paying out on a fixed cut, percentage yield or anything similar, make sure to keep an accurate tally of who is flying what as well as what they are bringing in.  Even if you don't use all the data, it can settle an argument if things don't go well for a particular miner.  
This is basically it.  This will work in 99% of the situations.  Have fun and fly safe-ish

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