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Thursday, November 13, 2014

As Months Go By

Over the last few months, I have been working hard behind the scenes in our corp.  Getting "builders packs' together, doing a little mining and working out our capital logistics.  I haven't posted much of anything as time is limited.  We are moving at a good clip, so I am happy to see that we are productive, active and having fun.  We are running regular mining ops, sometimes one every day.  Even I, someone who finds mining dreadfully dull, have been throwing skiffs into asteroid belts.  Our AO's belts are kind of stripped, but we have alternate systems that have large rocks. 

Our corp is growing quickly again and we are looking for players of all sorts, but really pushing for miners.  If you are interested in joining an active corp, check us out Eve Forum Recruitment Post.

Pheobe has brought a very welcome change to invention, but also some drawbacks.  Being able to queue up multiple invention runs on one slot is really great for the inventor.  As long as you have enough datacores and runs left on your copies, you can use one slot and stack up days of invention runs at one time.  The drawback is the increased demand on datacores.  Multi-sell is also a great addition.  Overall, I am pretty happy with the Crius and Pheobe patches.

I look forward to more and higher quality content from CCP with their accelerated patch schedule.  Hopefully it will bring in new players (and keep them here) and pull back some of the veterans who have left for one reason or another.  

We have started to see some returning members from years ago.  That is good. 

Until next time, fly safe-ish.

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